"My weight was around 330. My son (a personal trainer) encouraged me to start waling in the evening until I was able to get a mile. Before long, I was walking 5 miles a day. My blood pressure was high and I couldn't get it under control. My son gave me some guidance. My weight was 301. My blood pressure is great and my current weight is 266.4. I am not at my goal yet but we are on a steady pace and all praises to Allah."

Willie Anderson

“I’ve been working out with Yazeed Salem for more than 3 years. He is a GREAT instructor.  Yazeed has created a passion for boxing in me I never knew until I joined his group class.  Box Flow Grow is a workout environment that will motivate you to be better in all parts of your life.  At BFG, Yazeed takes a complete approach with your physical, mental and emotional health.  At 55, I’ve gained strength, confidence and many great friends by being a part of the Box Flow Grow community. I would recommend BFG to anyone not only for boxing but yoga and strength training as well."

Kevin McKnight

"With boxing being the base, I also found that Yazeed provided everyone on the team with a great sense of mental growth and focus. – something that I had not found in other trainers I had worked with. I have felt my body change in a way it has never felt before. Years of depression & anxiety has lessened
and things I would have never even cared to try before are now things I find myself trying and easily handling. I was recently able to spend several hours hiking through Acadia National Park, climbing boulders with easy."