Box out your stress and bring back your best self!

Want to learn how to box?  We have the right classes for you. Come join us!

Why boxing?

Most people don't realize that boxing is about more than just punching. It's a great way to become fit and stay healthy! Boxing requires you to use each part of your body. Even your brain.

Benefits of learning boxing with Box Flow Glow:

1. Release stress: Punching the bag helps you release all that built-up frustration inside of you! With each punch, your mind will become clear and feel lighter.

2. Burn calories: Boxing is great for losing weight. It's the perfect combination of cardio and strength training that your body needs! Come join us today to get started with our classes.

3. Improved reflexes:  With boxing, you will have a better reaction time. Your mind and body become one in order to get through the class safely and efficiently!

4. Lose weight:  Boxing is cardio and strength training in one! What more could you ask for?

5. Better reflexes: Boxing is all about developing your reflexes! You will have better hand-eye coordination, which means you'll be ready for anything once you are out in the real world.

Impact of learning boxing in real life:

1. Improved health:  Boxing can help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol level. It helps your stay fit in the long run.

2. Better sleep:  With boxing, you will fall asleep more easily. It helps your mind to wind down and relax after a long day!

3. Helps you in daily life: From self-defense to better decision making, boxing is a multi-purpose activity!

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and get started with our classes

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Yoga is a process, not a pose

At Box Flow Grow, we believe that yoga allows us to find our best selves. Our classes are designed in such a way that all students can enjoy the benefits of mindful living!

Why Yoga?

Yoga is almost 5,000 years old. And only a few things survived the test of time. Yoga is one of those things that have been passed down from generation to generation for a reason! Yoga allows you to find your best self through body movement. It's not just about the mind, it includes every aspect of our being - mental and physical wellness.

Why yoga with Box Flow Glow?

We know that yoga is not just about the mind, it's also about movement! Our classes are designed to ensure you get your heart rate up through different exercises. Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength at the same time.

It doesn't matter if you have never taken a class before - we can help you find what works best for you! Every class is different, so it doesn't matter if you have experience or not - we have a class for everyone!

What are the benefits of yoga with us?

• Flexibility: Yoga helps improve flexibility. And don’t worry, your muscles will NOT get weak because they are being stretched too much. Our program is designed to improve your flexibility gradually. You will be flexible in no time!

• Strength: Yoga helps build muscle without bulkiness. It's all about toning and strengthening our body so it can become leaner than ever before!

• Improved core strength: At Box Flow Grow, we believe that a strong torso is very important. Yoga helps strengthen your core so you will be able to stand up straight and feel great!

• Improved breathing: Breathing better means living a longer life. Our classes help improve your lung capacity and with that, we can guarantee that you will live an extended life just by joining our class!

Join us today and see how these classes will help you become a better version of yourself!

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Mindfulness is easy to achieve with Personal Training:

Box Flow Grow offers classes that will allow you to become more mindful about your physical and spiritual being. Mindfulness is a skill that everyone should have - it allows us to be present at the moment, regardless of what we are doing at any given time!

How does personal training help to achieve mindfulness?

Personal training means that a professional will be guiding you through the process. So you can ask questions and get your problem solved whenever you need to. Your trainer knows what will suit your body type and will plan everything accordingly. So after your training, you can go home with a peaceful mind, knowing you are on the right path to becoming a healthier and happier person!

Why should you go with Box Flow Glow?

We understand that everyone is different and we can help find a path for your specific needs! We offer one-on-one training so you can create your own workout plan. Our trainers are experienced and they know how to get the most out of our clients! We will not judge you for what you want - we just want to help achieve that goal, whatever it may be!

Benefits of Personal Training with us:

• We have an experienced team of professionals: Our professionals are dedicated to your success, so you can be sure that they will do everything in their power to keep you going!

• We have a variety of classes: We offer many different types of classes for our clients. You don’t have to worry about not finding the workout that suits your needs - we got it all covered at Box Flow Grow!

• We customize your plan: Our personal trainers will create a customized workout program that suits you and your goals. Whether it’s weight loss or toning, we got you covered!

• Weight loss/gain: There is no weight loss/gain goal that you cannot achieve! Our trainers will work around your body type and help you get to where you want as fast as possible.

• Mental Peace: Our trainers will make sure that you are on the right path to achieving a peaceful state of mind. They know what works best for your needs and want to help you achieve whatever goal it is!

So why wait? Join us today and see how our classes will change your life forever!

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