November 24, 2021
Box Flow Grow

Fitness boxing is an exercise that is far way different from the traditional boxing that we all  know inside the ring. This kind of exercise will actually help you to have a good balance, it also  strengthens your upper-body and core, improve your cardiovascular strength, promotes mental  health benefits and a lot more. 

From the word itself “fitness”, this involves some strength trainings, stretching is also included  and of course, hitting a punching bag. Unlike the traditional boxing, you do not require to have full strength in doing this fitness boxing for it only involves throwing punches on the air or  hitting a punching bag. 

When doing fitness boxing, you will be able to improve your balance most especially when you  are punching. Since your entire body is in use with this exercise, balance is vital. You always  keep your feet on the ground and so you can throw punches. If you have good balance, you will  be able to practice your footwork and control as well your punching force. 

Fitness boxing can be useful for building muscle mass for it allows you to use your upper and  lower muscles during workout. You will definitely gain strength through boxing most especially  when you are swinging your arms during this workout and while you are continuously moving  the muscle of both your arms and your shoulders when you are punching. These are  responsible in increasing your upper-body strength. 

Moreover, since fitness boxing will engage both of your upper and lower body, it makes this  exercise to be considered as an intense cardio workout. This gets your heart pumping and your  lungs working harder when done for a period of time at a high-enough pace. Keep in mind that  for as long as a particular exercise makes your heart rate up, it will help you to have an overall  healthier heart. 

This cardio exercise helps you also to burn more calories during workout. 

Aside from the physical benefit of fitness boxing, this can also have a huge impact to your  mental wellbeing. When you are doing this on a regular basis, it can help you make feel less 

distress. Imagine if you are doing this constantly, you are completely focused on the punches  that you are throwing. It clears your mind and makes you don’t think on anything outside of  the gym. 

In with every fitness journey, just always bear in mind that every people who chose to be engaged with fitness boxing started from ground level, so it is not impossible for you to work  your way up to the best level of fitness that you would always want to achieve. 

We are here to help you; you won’t do it alone. 

Here with Box Flow Grow, we will engage your mind and body with 60 minutes of fast-paced  boxing action. Burn calories, build endurance and become a better you. All classes and sessions  led by a Box ‘N Burn certified coach. 

Visit us! Our gym is located at 319 N Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood, FL 32750. 

Let’s create positive vibes together and tag us on Instagram @boxflowgrow and share your  boxing fitness goal. 

We look forward to seeing you and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our Box Flow Grow  team! We will all BOX through the obstacles.

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