November 24, 2021
Box Flow Grow

If you do boxing, it is undeniable that you will become more disciplined than ever before. With  the help of your regular training, it makes you determined, it gives you the motivation and it  allows you to focus to your goal and achieve it. 

It is actually impossible for you to not to get good at anything if you are always practicing. This  is just a matter of discipline, determination. You have that one goal in mind that you really want  to achieve so, you will definitely work hard for it. 

There will be times that you will miss your regular gym class or training, but do not feel bad  about it or do not pressure yourself too much, you also have your own reasons. Instead, make  this as a motivation. Since you missed your training for a day, you have to train harder, work  harder and give your best shot on your next training. Nobody's perfect, but you can still work  on your imperfections if you only want to. If you can handle boxing training, you can become  whatever you want. 

Since boxing is considered as an intense workout, you will encounter technical trainings which  emphasizes quick, effective footwork, pinpoint punching accuracy, and lightning-fast reflexes  and hand speed.  

You will also get to have mental concentration. You will be completely focused on the punches  that you are throwing. This workout clears your mind and makes you don’t think on anything  outside of the gym.  

This also allows you to become tougher. You will be able to improve your balance here. You will  keep your feet on the ground most especially when you are throwing strong punches. Remember, if you have good balance, you will be able to practice your footwork and control as  well your punching force. 

Lastly, physical conditioning. Of course, all of these requires you to do the classic bodyweight  exercises first like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, plyometrics (jump rope, for example), and  burpees.

As an overall, there is no room for laziness or non-commitment for those above-mentioned activities that you will regularly do. The discipline you develop in boxing can be applied to  anything. 

In the end, you will reap what you sow with all the sacrifices and efforts that you do in order to achieve your goals. 

We are here to help you; you won’t do it alone. 

Here with Box Flow Grow, we will engage your mind and body with 60 minutes of fast-paced  boxing action. Burn calories, build endurance and become a better you. All classes and sessions  led by a Box ‘N Burn certified coach. 

Visit us! Our gym is located at 319 N Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood, FL 32750. 

Let’s create positive vibes together and tag us on Instagram @boxflowgrow and share your how  did boxing teach you discipline. 

We look forward to seeing you and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our Box Flow Grow  team! We will all BOX through the obstacles.

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